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I am so sorry..Mr. Frankel was like a second dad to me...I truly loved and respected him...sympathy to all the family....
Jay & Missy, James and I wanted to let you know how sorry we are for your loss. Your dad was such a gracious, fine man who meant so much to the community. You were blessed to have such fine parents. James & Sherry Jones
What a great friend your Dad was to me. Thru his introduction to Sylvan Landau with Haggar Apparel my apparel career began and lasted 22 wonderful years. I learned so much from Mr. Joe and will always hold a special place for him in my heart!! May God bless you all during this time! Love to you all! Chenault "Shinny" Cockrell
Joey Missey and family. I am so sorry for your loss. Mr. Frankel was wonderful person. I grew up coming in the store and him talking to me and my sister and then to go on and be able to work for your kind family was a blessing. My momma and daddy thought there was nothing like you dad. I pray for comfort during this most difficult time for you and your families. May God Bless. Barbara Carey Winburn daughter of Manuel and Georgia Carey
Joe and Marsha: Sorry to read of your dad's passing. He, like my husband, Joe Rosel, who was 96 when he died, were long time friends. Your dad used to reminisce with us, when we'd see him in the Hub, about the old Germans in New Austria (outside of Junction City), that your dad knew. A great business man, always friendly and I certainly send my condolences to you all. Kitty Rosel
Missy and Joe-I'm so sorry to hear of Joe's passing. Your family has always been so kind to mine and I really enjoyed working on selling the farm. He will be missed by many. God bless you all. Paulette
To the family of my friend Joe... Thank you Joe for your military service to this country. Thank you for your service to this community which you loved so much. Thank you for being my friend. Our times together at the Old Goats Club will be a memory forever. Your friend. Bill G.
Joey and MIssy, I loved all the times your Dad and I visited on the farm. He loved Boyle County and his discussions of local family relationships and interactions were so enjoyable. His visits to my office were legendary as he made his way around greeting folks. Joe was a true gentleman, a natty dresser, a successful business man, loving father and husband. Carolyn and I send our condolences on your loss.
Stuart and I have always enjoyed being around Mr. Frankel. When I worked at Stonegate, I got to know him better. He loved his trees. Mr. Frankel was always friendly and gave so much to the community. He will be missed. Our prayers are with the family.
I am sorry for your loss. I have great memories of visiting and speaking with my Great Uncle Joseph. He had a wonderful way with people as did his sister. David Strouse
Mr. Frankel gave me my job. I was 18 years old. He was good to me and helped to make me the person (employee) that I am today. To the Frankel family-my heart goes out to you.
With deepest sympathy for this tremendous loss to both your family and the citizens of Danville. I'm proud to have known him, and worked for him, and honored that he was a close friend of my father. Danville has lost another great pillar of the community...
Dear Family, 3 generations of my family purchased most of their wardrobe at the Hub Frankel. As a young lad, Mr. Frankel would walk through, and always smile, and speak to me. I always felt so proud of how he made me felt.. My condolences to all of you.
Dear Frankel Family, I am so sad about Joe's passing and so glad about his life. He went to elementary school with my dad (Clemens Caldwell) and was one of his best friends throughout his entire life. As a little girl, I went to "the Hub" to shop with my mom - many times in the basement to buy men's jeans which I constantly wore - and I always saw Joe at the Hub. He sold me my very first calculator - an HP! He was always SO VERY KIND. He would always speak to me, smile, sometimes give me a trinket, and be part of warm memories. He would ask about my dad and tell a story or two about him - all of it true I am sure. They knew the dirt on each other for sure! Later in life I would see him and he would help pick up my dad and get him to the old goat's club. One of my Dad's favorite pictures has Joe and my dad sitting on the porch of Penn's Store at the fork. Both with impish grins. Just this last year, my husband Tom and I played music at McDowell place and we were sitting right next to Joe's table. He was such a great audience. Just as he did for all those years, he asked about my mom and was kind and generous with his praise of our playing. I and my family have been so blessed to know Joe for so long and for him to be part of our life. A very positive part of our lives. Our hearts go out to you all on his loss but also gratitude for sharing him with us. Jane Caldwell
Mr Danville is the way I will remember Joe Frankel. He and Alice were very supportive of my activities in my teen years.He loved to tease. When you return to Danville, we wanted to go to the Hub Frankel and Burke's Bakery. He was a gentleman and an original.
Employed at a very young age with Hub Frankel Co. Had a long employment with the Frankel's. Mr Frankel was a very caring man.
I am so sorry to read about the passing of Mr. Frankel....he always had a smile for me when I shopped at the Hub! He and Mrs. Frankel gave me a tray for a wedding present in 1979 and I still have it and use it sugar bowl and coffee are on it on my counter top....I loved it and all of the Frankels. Main Street Danville lost a Hot Spot when the HUB closed... We all have some great memories of Joe Frankel! So sorry for your loss!
What a great verbal sparring partner he was!We always seems to jest in "one up" on each other.My father adored this fellow and I loved watching them interact. Every home I was welcomed into as a child ,from Green Acres,Harrodsburg Road,and Bluesgrass Pike,always made a lasting memory. The roller coaster in the side yard and the large black angus cows along the fence row were real treats.The entire family friendships and laughs will last a lifetime.He was my first employer,and to this day I I have to put his name down in the security question to secure a password. I have film footage of him with Gay Brewer at the Butler Invitational in the early 50's.His passing has left of sad but we can rejoice that his life was well spent and was a fine example of charity and brotherly love.His soul is in good hands.
Missy & Joey, So sorry to hear about your father. I am out of town but praying for your family. Prayerfully, Johnetta Gibson
I'm very sorry for your loss mr Frankel saved me from the streets . I love him like a father he dressed me or 15 years with clothes from hub Frankel and lord know my mother couldn't afford she loved him also and thank him for giving me so much god bless this family and god keep you n. Nathan Doneghy
Danville has lost a strong pillar of the community. The Hub was a center point in downtown. Mr. Frankel was always there when I shopped and the staff he had assembled were some of the best around. They knew their customers as did he. He was always so kind and had something positive to say. My families wardrobe came from there until the store closed. Both of my Grandmother's came to Danville to shop at the Hub from Louisville. Joey and Missy we are certainly sorry for your loss, your parents were some of the finest people we knew and they are both greatly missed. This community will miss them. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this difficult time.
Dear Missy and Joey, I was so very sorry to learn of your fathers passing. Please accept my sincere sympathy. He was such wonderful person; so genuine and bigger than life. I know he'll be missed by all who loved and knew him. Sincerely, Margaret